✨ Tech Education for All

Through our unique learning kits, we strive to make computer science and tech education more accessible to underprivileged and vulnerable populations.

The Problem

Seven million job openings in 2015 were occupations that required coding skills. However, COVID-19 and lockdown guidelines have shed light on the existing issue of the lack of accessibility to expensive technology and high speed Wi-fi, especially for underserved children. In fact, the Household Pulse Survey reported that in September 2020, 4.4 million households with students still lack consistent access to a computer and 3.7 million lack internet access. 
The lack of computer and Internet access prevents many children, especially those who are underprivileged, from receiving technology and computer science education.

Our Solution

💫 Introducing Tech+Me Learning Kits...

Our learning kits provide accessible tech education, both in terms of technology use and affordability. 
  • The kits include hands-on activities and crafts, which teach kids coding and technology concepts without the need for Internet or computer access
  • Most of the kits use everyday school supplies or household items, and the activities in our kits do not cost more than $4 per student, if any cost at all.
We create and distribute these kits to various organizations around our community, including shelters, missions, orphanages, housing organizations, and more. Visit our Sponsors & Partners page to see who we’ve worked with.

💫 and Teach Tech To All (TT2A)!

Teach Tech To All (TT2A) is a Tech+Me initiative that aims to increase the accessibility of technology and computer science education, especially to low-income, underserved, and underrepresented communities, through the TT2A ToolKit. Our goal is to equip teachers, leaders, and changemakers with quality resources that make it easier to teach students to technology and computer science in an affordable and engaging way. The TT2A ToolKit is a collection of all Tech+Me Learning Kit curriculum and materials. We are also providing microgrants to teachers and organizations who use our toolkit and need financial support to bring TT2A education to their students.


We currently live in a digital world where coding is becoming a more integral skill to jobs and the creation of new technology. Our learning kits help kids learn these coding skills to gain a deeper understanding of the technology that fuels our society and prepare them for the future.
We transform them into innovators, leaders, and changemakers.

Our Impact

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"I was able to sit in and do the Binary code with our little ones and they really enjoyed it! The staff who facilitated the project said that the instructions were easy to follow, and really liked how each kit came equipped with all the materials."
Yaya Enriquez-Meyer
Education Liaison and Assistant Clubhouse Director at Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco
"“In Morocco there are many underprivileged kids especially women who are unable to have access to CS education and through [Tech+Me] I am one step closer to solve this problem in my country and I believe that I will be able to make a huge positive impact in my community.”
Previous Tech+Me Ambassador

Is your organization interested in getting these kits for the kids that you serve? View our learning kit proposal below and email us.

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